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Scientific 12-digits calculator for Yotaphone 2 back screen. Can be run as standalone application or used as widget by YotaHub (as Cover or by small widget).Using YotaCalc you don't need to worry about battery during calculations. Calculator is always on your screen. You can use it even with bright sunlight.
Calculator accuracy is 14 digits.
Functions:Arithmetic (+, - , *, /)% - percentage operations (A+5%= gives 5% increase, A-5%= gives 5% decrease, A*5%= gives 5% of A, A/5%= calculates what percentage of A in 5, 1/5%=20)Algebraic (square root, root, power, square, cube, 1/x, 10^x, exponent, logarithm natural and 10-based, factorial)Trigonometric (sin, cos, tg, arcsin, arccos, arctg)Hyperbolic (sinh, cosh, tgh, ash, ach, ath)Memory (M+ - add to, MS - set to, MR - read from, MC - clear memory, M- subtract memory, M* - multiply memory)Clipboard copy&paste functions (Cpy, Pst)Notes.Shift button shows additional functions.Angles are measured in degrees, use "rad" button to convert to radian.